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Tag Guard : English Bulldog/Mascot

Born March 6, 2006, TAG GUARD is the official mascot of TAG Restaurant.

Although health code sensitivity keeps Tag out of his namesake restaurant, his likeness is spread throughout TAG’s interior. As any of our servers and bartenders can attest to, perhaps the most commonly asked question by first-time guests is: “What’s the deal with all the bulldogs?”

Tag Guard was a gift to Chef/Owner Troy Guard for the chef’s 34th birthday. Guard was offered the option of either an old Camero that he could restore, or a puppy. Guard, unbeknownst to him at the time, would choose the English bulldog that would go on to become an inspiration for his first restaurant.

Tag is enjoying the spoiled life that his parents provide. Tag lives to sleep, eat and shed and can be seen carrying his stuffed bunny around the Guard household like a babydoll. A constant companion to the entire Guard family, Tag is especially fond of Chef Guard’s youngest daughter Grace, who loves to poke his ears and ride him like a horse.